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Middle-class parents damaging their children by not being able to say ’no’


"Wild, unruly students in the classroom could be the progeny of so-called ’helicopter parents’, those who give intensive attention to their child and pander to their every whim, fueling a ’little emperor’ syndrome," said Dr. Amanda Gummer, a psychologist specializing in child development.


"Those parents are ruthlessly ambitious for their child’s future -failing to realize how badly their mollycoddling is preparing them for the setbacks of real life."


While we’ve known this parenting style can create children unable to make decisions or exhibit independence, what’s less discussed is how aggressive and difficult the children of "helicopter parents" -often middle-class, professional and, to their minds, devoted to their darlings -can be at school.


They can’t cope with not being number one, so they try to get the attention. "Too many of these children have never heard the word ’no’ levelled at them at home."


"If they are deprived of those basic life experiences at home, it makes educating them a far greater challenge for their teachers than it ever need be."


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