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Mom says a fidget spinner nearly killed her kid


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A 10-year-old Houston girl had a brush with death after swallowing a piece of the latest must-have toy — a fidget spinner. Britton Joniec underwent emergency surgery on Monday.


"On the way home, I heard Britton make an odd retching noise in the back seat as I was driving," Kelly Rose Joniec wrote on Facebook. "Looking back in the mirror, I saw her face turning red and drool pouring from her mouth — she could utter noises but looked panicked so I immediately pulled over," she continued.


"She pointed to her throat saying she’d swallowed something, so I attempted Heimlich but there was no resistance."


The girl had put one of three bearings from the spinner in her mouth to clean it — but somehow swallowed the metal piece.


Her mom drove the girl to Texas Children’s Hospital in The Woodlands, where X-rays showed the nickel-size bearing was stuck in her esophagus. Finally, the doctor used an endoscope to remove the object.


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