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Muji moves into house design with Muji Hut

無印良品推出組合屋「Muji Hut 」

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

Japanese retailer Muji has released a new product: a nine square meter prefabricated building called “Muji Hut.” The hut, which will go on sale in August this year in Japan, will cost approximately 3 million Japanese yen (NT$822,000) inclusive of tax.

日本無印良品推出了一個九平方米組合屋「Muji Hut」,將於今年八月起在日本開賣,含稅約三百萬元日幣,折合台幣約八十二萬兩千元。

The hut’s minimalist form is designed to fit into a wide range of environments and, according to the product description, blurs the boundaries between a sustainable house and a vacation home.


Muji Hut comes in three versions made from wood, aluminium and cork designed by celebrated Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa, German designer Konstantin Grcic and British designer Jasper Morrison. Each hut is designed with simplicity in mind and to satisfy the basic needs of the owner.

「Muji Hut」出自日本知名設計師深澤直人,德國設計師Konstantin Grcic和英國設計師Jasper Morrison的設計,包含木之小屋、鋁之小屋、軟木小屋,每款小屋都簡約,滿足生活的基本配備。

Muji says its product is “not as dramatic as owning a house or a vacation home, but it’s not as basic as going on a trip.” Whether placed in the mountains, by the sea or in a garden, Muji says its hut will seamlessly blend in with the surroundings. At present, the three versions of the Muji Hut are only available for sale within Japan.


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