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Nadal playing through pain in the Australian Open


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Spanish tennis superstar Rafael Nadal Sunday revealed his long-term struggle with pain from injury, but said that since starting to work with his new coach, Carlos Moya, he hopes that he can continue his successful career.


Nadal, who has been plagued with injury, said he had been playing through the pain for many years, but remained confident that he will be able to add another grand slam tournament title to his tally.


Asked whether he was now free of injury, the 30-year-old Nadal replied, “Pain-free is a long time ago.”


Despite not reaching the semifinal of a grand slam tournament since 2014, Nadal, following a talk with his long-standing coach, his uncle Toni Nadal, decided in December of last year to hire Carlos Moya, a Spanish tennis player of the previous generation.


Nadal did not do well in last year’s Australian Open, being knocked out in the first round by compatriot Fernando Verdasco. Nevertheless, he maintains that if he didn’t feel he had a chance of lifting the trophy, he wouldn’t enter the tournament.


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