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New Google Play functions protect cellphone space and security

讓手機不再爆容量 全靠 Google Play 新功能

As the official launch of Android 7.0 Nougat approaches, Google Inc’s Google Play Store will be offering several new functions. One of these should solve the problem of cellphone users’ devices getting infected by malware or other programs that take up a lot of space when they download third-party applications and install them via Android application package (APK) files. Google Play will use two new functions to help users check how much space applications take up and how safe they are.

隨著Android即將正式推出,穀歌的Google Play商店也將迎來不少新功能。其中為了解決手機用戶自行下載第三方應用程式、透過APK檔安裝導致惡意程式入侵占用手機容量的問題,Google Play將透過兩項新功能來協助用戶確認應用程式的佔用空間與安全性。

According to a report by Phone Arena, Google will add a function in its Android Nougat system to determine the source of app installations, so that users will be able to see clearly from the detailed app information whether a particular app has been installed from Google Play or via a third-party APK.

根據《Phone Arena》的報導,Google將在Android N系統中加入區別應用程式安裝來源的功能,未來在應用程式的詳細資料中,用戶可以清楚看到該應用程式是從 Google Play 安裝來的,還是從其他第三方APK檔案安裝而來。

This will help users keep tabs on the safety of apps installed on their Android cellphones. If a user discovers that a certain app has been overwritten by a third-party installation file, they will be able to remove it straight away and reinstall the Google Play version, thus preventing unsafe app files from occupying space in their phones.

這有助於用戶掌握Android手機中的應用安全性,若是發現特定應用程式被第三方安裝檔覆蓋,可以立即移除並且重新安裝成 Google Play的版本,避免不安全的應用程式檔案占用手機空間。

In other news, according to a report by 9to5Google, Google is launching a new mechanism in Google Play to ensure that Google Play update files are not too big and so avoid draining consumers’ cellphone data plans. A key feature will be a new compression algorithm that can compress update files by more than 50 percent.

另外根據《9to5Google》的報導,穀歌將會在Google Play中啟用新的機制,確保Google Play的更新檔案大小不會過大,同時避免消耗用戶的手機流量。其中的關鍵在於新的壓縮方式可以減少百分之五十以上的更新檔案大小。

At the same time, Google Play will more clearly indicate the size of update files — not just the size of the APK file, but also including the total space that the app will occupy when the user has finished downloading. This new function has already been officially activated for the Android platform.

同時Google Play也會更清楚地標明更新檔案的大小,這不僅僅只是應用程式APK的檔案大小,同時包含用戶完全下載時所需的完整容量,這項新功能目前已經在Android平台上正式啟用。

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