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New invention makes life easier for kidney disease patients


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The Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital Tainan Branch and the Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology have jointly developed a new tourniquet with pressure sensing and temperature control functions. This invention is to address issues traditional pressure tourniquets have. In the future it could also be fitted with information communication technologies, to provide instant user alerts.


Most kidney patients need hemodialysis treatment, in which a needle is inserted into the patient’s dialysis fistula, and blood from their body flows into the dialysis machine. After it has gone through the molecular exchange process the blood, which has now been cleansed of most of the waste, flows back into the patient’s body.


When the dialysis treatment is complete, the nurse removes the needle and applies pressure to the needle puncture point to stop the blood. If during this process the nurse applies excessive pressure, it could affect the function of the dialysis fistula, or even damage or flatten it, so that it has to be recreated. However, if insufficient pressure is applied, it will not staunch the bleeding.


This new device utilizes a smart chip that measures pressure, and detects the amount of pressure applied when the blood flow is being stopped, displaying the numerical value on the device’s screen. Then, by adjusting the amount of pressure applied, it works out the most appropriate value. The device is also fitted with a cooling module, which can reduce the temperature of the skin surface at the point the pressure was applied, to facilitate the staunching of the blood.


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