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New study suggests Facebook break is good for your health


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

Too much Facebook browsing at Christmas - and seeing those "perfect" families and holiday photos - is more likely to make you miserable. A University of Copenhagen study suggests excessive use of social media can create feelings of envy. The study suggests taking a break from using social media.


The Danish university studied more than 1,300 participants (mostly women) . The participants were divided into two groups, one continued using Facebook as usual, with the others refrained from using it for a week. After a week without Facebook, the treatment group showed significant improvement in wellbeing, researchers found.


The study warns that "lurking" on social media sites - aka browsing through the site but not actually interacting with any posts - can be especially damaging, as it makes you feel like everyone else is doing better than you.


Instead, it recommends actively engaging in conversation and interaction with your friends and loved ones. Another approach to improve well-being, says the study, is to stop using social media for a week.


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