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New year period to feature nine Mayday concerts

五月天攻蛋連唱九場 再陪歌迷跨年

About 17 years ago, Mayday arrived on the scene, and now the pop group is putting on nine concerts at the Taipei Arena across the New Year period between today and Jan. 1, replicating nine of the band’s most popular tours. They will be playing tracks from their repertoire during the concerts.

Mayday released its ninth studio album, “History of Tomorrow,” this year, and will be once more joining fans with the New Year countdown. The last time the band played at the Taipei Arena was over four years ago. Apart from a selection of the classics that have become essential to every Mayday concert, the group will also be performing 108 songs selected from the nine albums.

Streaming-music service Spotify has just released its 2016 music charts, and Mayday is on the second spot of Taiwan’s playlist. Most streamed artist of the year is singer J.J. Lin.

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