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New Year’s Eve countdown parties to be held across Taiwan this Sunday

全台跨年晚會 週日熱鬧倒數

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

The annual “Taipei New Year’s Eve Countdown Party” is scheduled for Sunday at 7pm at the Taipei City Hall Square. South Korean superstar Rain and Singaporean pop diva Tanya Chua will perform for the show, whose lineup also includes A-list singers such as Bii, Crowd Lu and Della Ding.


Taipei 101 announced that there will be a six-minute fireworks show on New Year’s Eve, along with a special LED display during the fireworks show, featuring pre-recorded virtual performances of pop diva Chang Hui-mei, also known as A-mei, and her niece Anna.


“Techno goddess” Jeannie Hsieh is set to stage a comeback at the upcoming New Year’s Eve parties, performing for two shows at the Taoyuan Arts Plaza and Kaohsiung’s Dream Mall, respectively. Jessica, a former member of Korean girl group Girls’ Generation, is also attending the party in Taoyuan for the first time. Meanwhile, rock band Mayday will aslo be holding a New Year’s Eve concert in Taiyuan.


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