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Nike finally launches its first plus-size range of sportswear


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

In an overdue but nonetheless welcome move, Nike has launched its first ever plus size range of sportswear.


If you’re not a size small, chances are your gym-kit has comprised of a tatty oversized tee and cheap leggings because, for some reason, the majority of fitness brands think only slim people workout.


Thankfully, Nike is shunning this stereotype with a collection that celebrates and advocates all athletes, no matter their size.


In a statement, Nike said, “The days where we have to add ‘female’ before ‘athlete’ are over. And having helped fuel this cultural shift, we celebrate these athletes’ diversity, from ethnicity to body shape.”


Nike isn’t just sizing up their existing products. “When we design for plus size, we aren’t just proportionately making our products larger. That doesn’t work because as we know, everyone’s weight distribution is different. For example, a woman is often a different size at the top than on the bottom.”


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