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One in three tenants borrow money to pay rent, says Shelter


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

More than half a million low earners have had to resort to borrowing money via credit cards, overdrafts and other sources to pay their rent during the past year, according to a survey by housing charity Shelter and YouGov.


It has called on British government to commit to building 500,000 new "living rent homes", where the amount paid each month is capped at around a third of a lower-earning household’s income.


299,000 tenants had used an overdraft while 249,000 borrowed via a credit card. Almost 100,000 tenants used money from parents while 91,000 borrowed from other family members or friends to tide themselves over.


Shelter said it believed the figures were conservative because some of those surveyed declined to disclose their income and were therefore excluded from this category.


With rent swallowing up so much of their income, around 800,000 tenants on tight budgets were not even able to save £10 a month, according to the charity’s analysis of government data.


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