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Oops. Did you intend to alley-oop in the hoop?


The Brooklyn Nets on Sunday had to swallow their seventh successive loss after a 105:122 defeat at the hands of the Sacramento Kings. In the third quarter there was a short interlude after the Kings’ Matt Barnes, perched at the top of the three point line, looked as if to make an alley-oop attempt, but banked in a three-pointer by accident, surprising even himself.

With four minutes to go in the third quarter, Barnes was standing with the ball outside the three point line and, appearing to go to pass the ball, accidentally made a field goal, scoring three points. The footage was also posted online.

As soon as the clip was posted it attracted a raft of comments from basketball fans. One joked that not even Stephen Curry could have made that basket, while others laughed at how the shot was a complete fluke. In the game, Barnes scored seven points, made seven assists and four rebounds.

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