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Opposition rolls eyes over Abe’s ’kowtowing’ to Trump in U.S.


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

Opposition party leaders blasted Prime Minister Shinzo Abe over his performance in the United States, saying he shamelessly kowtowed to U.S. President Donald Trump in front of a global audience.


Renho, leader of the main opposition Democratic Party, targeted Abe’s "no comment" stance on Trump’s executive order banning entry of refugees and nationals from seven Muslim-majority nations in Africa and the Middle East.


Abe avoided stating his opinion on that travel ban during a joint news conference with Trump on Feb. 10 after their summit.


Kazuo Shii, the Japanese Communist Party leader, said in a statement: "Regarding this major international human rights and humanitarian issue, the prime minister only said, ’I will refrain from commenting.’ By continuing to take a posture of remaining silent, he has shown the world that he is kowtowing to Trump."


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