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People who read books are kinder, study finds


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

Want to become a better person? Then you might want to consider picking up a book because according to a new study, reading regularly could make you kinder and more empathetic.


Researchers from Kingston University looked at the effects of reading or watching television on different traits. Participants were questioned on their preference for books, TV and plays. They were then tested on their interpersonal skills, such as how much they considered people’s feelings and whether they acted to help others.


The study found that readers were more likely to act in a socially acceptable manner. Instead, TV lovers were less friendly and less understanding of others’ views. The team suggests that reading books allows people to see things from other people’s points of views, making them better at understanding others.


The study revealed that fiction fans showed more positive social behavior while readers of drama and romance novels were found to be the most empathetic. Similarly, lovers of more experimental books showed the ability to see things from different perspectives.


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