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Pop singer Shin Lung allegedly hits jackpot of NT$120 million

歌手辛龍買樂透 爽中上億元頭獎?

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

Entertainer Jacky Wu surprised his guests on a TV variety show last week by exposing the news that a bald singer, whose wife is a dance teacher, had won the lottery with a prize of NT$200 million (US$6.5 million) two years ago. Later that day, singer Shin Lung admitted he had won the jackpot, but said the prize money was NT$120 million, not NT$200 million. Then, after causing this sensation, he changed his story again, and denied everything.


During an interview, Shin had said he often purchases lottery tickets just to try his luck, and had chosen the winning numbers himself: they were not chosen by computer. He also said he had donated part of the prize money to charity. Since he won the prize after getting married in 2014, he thanked his wife Serena Liu for “bringing good luck to her husband.”


Taiwan Lottery says statistics show that 70 percent of grand-prize winners pick their numbers by computer. Meanwhile, fortune teller Jiang Bo-le said people with four specific physical characteristics were more likely to strike gold: a fat chin, a garlic-shaped nose, thick earlobes and a shiny forehead.


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