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President’s treat︰ Moon delivers 350 pizzas to finance officials


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President Moon Jae-in hosted a rare pizza party for finance ministry officials on Wednesday. Cheong Wa Dae delivered 350 pizzas to the Ministry of Strategy and Finance in Sejong City, along with hundreds of bottles of soda and side dishes.


The pizza party, the first of its kind thrown by Moon, was to celebrate the passage of the 428.8 trillion won budget for 2018, and a bill for tax reform, at the National Assembly on Wednesday. "It is also a gift to encourage the officials to continue to work hard on stabilizing the economy and household debt," a Cheong Wa Dae official said.


The bills got final endorsement after days of fierce debate between the ruling and opposition parties. Cheong Wa Dae said the pizza party cost 4 million won. It bought the pizzas at Pizza Maru, a local brand with 530 outlets across the country.

歷經執政與在野黨間數日的激辯後,這些議案終獲通過。青瓦台表示,這些披薩共花400萬韓元,向在全國擁有530家門市的本土品牌「Pizza Maru」訂購。

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