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President Tsai offers condolences on news of Yu Kwang-chung’s passing

余光中病逝 蔡總統哀悼

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The poet Yu Kwang-chung, who “wrote poetry with his right hand and prose with his left,” passed away in Kaohsiung on Dec. 14. Later that day, the Presidential Office announced that President Tsai Ing-wen, who had been informed of Yu’s passing shortly before, expressed her condolences. The announcement continued that Yu had had a major impact on the development of modern Taiwanese literature and had been a source of inspiration for large numbers of young artists.


The Presidential Office said that Yu’s major influence on the development of modern Taiwanese literature was due not because of his widely read poetry and prose, but also through his wonderful translations of foreign literary works, such as Irving Stone’s Lust for Life biographical novel about Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh, which had inspired many young artists.


Yu, a poet and professor emeritus at the National Sun Yat-sen University until his retirement, passed away at the Kaohsiung Medical University hospital at the age of 90. It was announced in a hospital news release that Yu was being treated for a pulmonary infection from complications following an acute stroke in late November, and died in the morning.


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