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Problems abound as ’Pokemon Go’ craze grips Korea


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

The "Pokemon Go" craze that has swept through South Korea has ignited various safety problems with reports of players entering dangerous situations in order to catch the virtual characters that appear in the game.


"Pokemon Go" secured more than 7 million users in the first week of its official Korean release on Jan. 24.


"My friend was walking around Gangnam Station while playing ’Pokemon Go’ on her smartphone, and she almost got hit by a car at a corner," 29-year-old Kim Jin-ah told The Korea Herald. "A lot of people are so focused on the game that they don’t even look up while crossing the road." Kim said.


According to local reports, some drivers have encountered dangerous situations on the road where the car in front of them suddenly changed lanes and pulled over in an apparent move to collect items at a nearby "Pokestop."


The United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Busan, where many pokemons are said to appear, has had to ramp up security to guard against people trying to jump the fence at night to catch pokemon on the memorial grounds.


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