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Renovation begins on Tainan’s Julius Mannich Merchant House

台南古蹟東興洋行 展開修復工程

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

The Julius Mannich Merchant House — a Tainan City designated historic site — is the only example of a German foreign trading company building remaining in Taiwan. It has already been over 30 years since its last renovation but, following the Feb. 6, 2016 Tainan earthquake, which caused the veranda pillars to lean, the Tainan City government decided to commence renovation work on the historic structure, in order to return it to its original appearance. After the renovation is completed, it is hoped the building will become a cultural and tourist highlight for Anping District.


The renovation project is expected to cost NT$19.64 million in total, and will be jointly paid for by the Ministry of Culture and the Tainan City government. In addition to work on the building itself, the perimeter wall is to be torn down to join the premises with the nearby Japanese dormitories and park area. The work is expected to be finished in September 2018.


The conservation of the Julius Mannich Merchant House, originally built around 1870, is testament to how Tainan’s Anping port was opened up to foreign traders during the period of Qing rule after the Qing court signed the Treaty of Tianjin with Russia, the US, the UK and France, and foreign merchants were allowed to trade in Taiwan.


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