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Sanxia Calligraphy


All you need is just 15mins, today! 每天給自己15分鐘

This is a photo of what appears to be a family, two women, possibly sisters, and two children, a boy and a girl. It’s possible the group is two mothers and their children. Just behind the group stands another woman, who may well be the mother of one of the women, or both. They are standing at the counter of a calligraphy supplies store along Old Street in New Taipei City’s Sanxia District.


The woman in the foreground is looking at a large piece of card she is holding up. Perhaps it has some information on it; she might be simply admiring calligraphy on it. The card is at an angle forming a “V”-shape with the line of the group.


The little girl is the focus of the picture, and to some extent the action. She is right in the center of the composition. She is smiling and reaching out to something just out of the viewer’s sight.


The boy to her left is holding a calligraphy brush. From the shape of his profile, he appears to be smiling, too.


The woman standing to the back of the group is holding a purse in her left hand, and holding up her right hand as if to do something, perhaps to reach out over the girl to what she is interested in, or simply going to adjust her glasses. She seems to be preparing to buy something, presumably for the little girl.


Finally, to the left of the composition, there is a sales clerk, talking to the group.


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