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Search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 put on hold

近三年一無所獲 馬航MH370終止搜救

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Malaysia, Australia and China issued a joint statement on Jan. 17, saying that the underwater search operation for the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 that went missing almost three years ago is to be discontinued and will not resume until such time as new evidence is discovered. Flight MH370 disappeared mid-flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8, 2014. It had 239 passengers and the flight staff on board.


The statement said that even though the search efforts employed the best technology and the most advanced simulation methodology in addition to seeking the most expert advice, the 120,000 square mile area of the South Indian Ocean initially designated for the search has come up empty-handed and the wreck of the fuselage of Flight MH370 has not been found. As a result, the last search vessel already left the underwater search area and returned home as of Jan. 17.


In view of the nature of the result, the three countries used the opportunity to remember the missing people on board the flight and say that their thoughts are with the friends and families of the missing. They also paid tribute to the hundreds of people involved in the search efforts and thanked them for discharging their duties in the face of unprecedented challenges, and for their unstinting devotion to understanding the search area, all of which were crucially important to the efforts to find the plane.


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