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Singapore dad sues principal for confiscating phone

不滿學校沒收手機 星國家長竟怒告校長

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A junior high student in Singapore used his iPhone 7 during class and the school confiscated it for three months, in line with school regulations. The student’s father sued the school principal, demanding the phone be returned, but the case was thrown out of court.

新加坡一名中學生上課使用 iPhone 7 手機,學校依校規沒收三個月,家長竟狀告法院要求校長歸還手機,結果仍遭駁回。

The court pointed out that the principal had the power to confiscate the phone, and three months was a reasonable amount of time. According to the judge, the rules must be applied equally and without discrimination, and the student in question was not to be accorded any special treatment.


The media report said that when school started at the beginning of the year, the principal sent out a notice to the entire staff and student body, as well as student guardians, reminding them of the need to abide by school regulations, and also mentioned the regulations concerning phones. That is, students should place phones and electronic gadgets in their lockers until classes are over.

報導說,校方今年初開學時,曾發信給全體教職員生及監護人等,提醒學生要遵守校規,同時提及涉及手機的校規,如學生到校要把手機和電子器材放在寄物櫃 ,一直到下課為止。

The Singapore media also cited the court ruling as saying that if parents disagree with the school regulations, they are quite welcome to send their children to a different school.


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