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Sodagreen to hold farewell concert this Sunday

蘇打綠告別唱 元旦登上國家音樂廳

Give yourself 15mins, today! 輕輕鬆鬆每天15分鐘練跟讀

Not long ago, pop group Sodagreen announced it was to take a three-year sabbatical following its New Year’s Day farewell concert. The group will be performing with the National Symphony Orchestra for the first time during a crossover concert at the National Concert Hall. The concert will be a mixture of classical and pop music.


When asked how he feels about the group’s upcoming hiatus, lead vocalist Wu Ching-feng said he is focused on his preparation for the show. As for their plans during the break, the whole group agreed that the first order of business was to take a good rest.


Sodagreen held two concerts at the Taipei Arena earlier this month, finishing with “Three Days, Three Nights.” Unfortunately, they were handed a fine of NT$300,000 for their pains, as performances of the song exceeded the venue’s volume limit of 63 decibels.


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