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South African police minister scolds driver online


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

A South African woman seeking advice on Twitter about buying a driver’s license got more than she bargained for on Wednesday when her inquiry caught the eye of police minister and prolific tweeter Fikile Mbalula.


"It’s a criminal offence to buy a driver’s license (like a) ngathi ligwinya," Mbalula tweeted back, using a local word for a doughnut. "It will get you, the traffic department and the driving school arrested."

「像買甜甜圈的方式買張駕照,觸犯刑法」,姆巴魯拉用了當地甜甜圈(ngathi ligwinya)一字推文回道。「會讓妳、交通部門和駕訓班一併被捕。」

Mbalula, nicknamed "Razzmatazz" from his time as sports and recreation minister, has more than 750,000 Twitter followers and sees his personal feed as a useful tool in the fight against South Africa’s high crime rates.


South Africa’s traffic laws and regulations are tight by African standards although reports of driving instructors asking for bribes or people driving without a valid license are common.


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