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South Korea investigators look into alleged artist blacklist


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South Korean investigators on Thursday summoned the country’s ambassador to France as they widened their inquiry into a corruption scandal involving impeached President Park Geun-hye to include allegations her administration blacklisted thousands of artists for their political beliefs.


The special prosecution team was planning to question Mo Chul-min over a supposed blacklist of 9,000 artists deemed unfriendly to Park’s administration and allegedly denied government support. Mo served as Park’s senior secretary for education and culture in 2013 and 2014.


The mayor of another city, Gwangju, recently acknowledged he was pressured by the government to exclude a painting satirizing Park from an art fair in 2014.


Park’s alleged backlist reportedly included some of South Korea’s most famous cultural figures, including ``Oldboy’’ film director Park Chan-wook and poet Ko Un, whose name frequently surfaces in discussions for the Nobel literature prize.


They had signed statements criticizing the government for its handling of the 2014 ferry disaster and supporting opposition candidates during presidential and mayoral elections, according to Do Jong-hwan, an opposition lawmaker who broke the list to the media.


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