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South Koreans return to quaffing soju as economic woes deepen

南韓經濟低迷 燒酒熱銷

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

Last week South Korean alcohol brewers and distilers released data which show that last year, HiteJinro Co. produced 1.7 billion bottles of its 360ml-size Chamisul soju. Since HiteJinro Co. holds approximately 50 percent market share of South Korea’s traditional distilled liquor market, it is possible to calculate that roughly 3.4 billion bottles of soju were sold last year in South Korea.


South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency reports that, according to the statistics, South Korean adults consume an average of 1.62 bottles of soju each week.


Using the figure of 3.4 billion bottles of soju, since the over-20 adult population of South Korea equates to 40.15 million consumers, this means that last year each South Korean adult consumed an average of 84.7 bottles of soju, which works out at 1.62 bottles per week or 0.23 bottles every day.


The alcohol content of South Korean soju varies from between 17 to 20 percent and other famous soju brands include Cheoeum-Cheoreom and Good Day.


According to a representative of the industry, the long-term economic downturn in South Korea has led to a continued slump in sales of comparatively high-priced Western alcohol and led to an increase in the consumption of soju among the public.


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