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Tainan moves toward goal of “zero cemetery”

台南推「零公墓」政策 鼓勵骨灰植存

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

The Tainan City Government is promoting a “zero public cemetery“ policy, which includes encouraging the public to choose the more environmental natural burial over traditional burial practices, and gradually relocating cemeteries to create space for major road construction and other urban development projects.


Tainan City Government’s Bureau of Civil Affairs says that the government has so far relocated close to a thousand cemeteries and built parks or industrial infrastructure in their places.


To promote environmentally friendly burial practices, Tainan City in 2014 established a 0.5-hectare natural burial ground in Tainan’s Danei life memorial park – the first natural burial ground in the nation. This year, the government is planning to double its size.


Natural burial is the direct burial of cremated remains in a toxin-free, biodegradable container that allows the elements to return to the soil over time in a natural manner. To minimize human impact on the environment, the practice does not use any markers or tombstones; nor does it involve the burning of incense, candles or joss paper.


According to the Bureau of City Affairs, since the natural burial ground opened registration three years ago on March 26, 2014, nearly 800 people have been buried there, a sign that many people are open to the practice.


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