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Tainan’s Barclay Memorial Park

落羽松/台南 巴克禮公園

While strolling through Tainan City’s “green lung,” Barclay Memorial Park, adorable squirrels appear as if from nowhere, scurrying back and forth along one of the park’s shady, tree-lined paths. Beside a path that runs along the water’s edge, several bald cypress trees nestle between the weeping willows. 

Moving further into the center of the park, one arrives at Dream Lake, a beautiful lake in miniature. Bald cypress trees line its banks, surrounding the lake on all sides, while sunlight reflects off the water’s surface to create an enchanting scene.

It is a mild winter with the weather turning cold rather late so that mid-December’s frigid air currents have turned only a few patches of the trees’ leaves red. Visitors will probably have to wait until mid-January for a chance to see the glorious sight of bald cypress trees covered in red.

The park is named after British clergyman Thomas Barclay, and as visitors enter the park they are greeted by a commemorative monument. The park is also home to a small bridge, meandering streams and wintertime bald cypress trees. 

There are phoenix flowers and golden rain trees during early summer, and Taiwanese flamegold-rain trees during fall, all of which add much seasonal color to the park. During summer, there is even a chance to spot fireflies.

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