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Tainan’s Barclay Memorial Park: Firefly season begins

巴克禮公園 賞螢季開始囉

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

Recently several fireflies have been spotted by members of the public in Tainan’s Barclay Memorial Park along its firefly trails. The number of fireflies is expected to increase as the weather gets warmer.


Chongming Borough Warden Lee Jen-tzu says he found the first firefly of the year on the night of March 27. Judging by its apparently bigger size, the firefly must have been a Pyrocoelia analis Fabricius, he says.


Conservationists began work on conserving the fireflies at Barclay Memorial Park as early as ten years ago. Of the two types of fireflies which they were trying to conserve, one was the terrestrial Pyrocoelia analis Fabricius, and the other was the aquatic Luciola ficta. While the latter has disappeared in recent years, the project to conserve the former turned out to be a success, as they can now be found not only in the park but also in its surrounding areas.


The Pyrocoelia analis Fabricius is the most common firefly in plains across Taiwan. The adult ones are seldom seen flying and usually found on leaves, which makes them very easy to observe. Their number typically increases as the weather turns warmer in April and May.


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