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Taipei Banter 台北嘿掰講 #1

Episode 1

第一集: French law - The Right to Disconnect

· 台北嘿掰講 Taipei Banter

France employees are getting the legal right to avoid work emails outside working hours.

working hours - 工作時間/時數

The new law, which has been dubbed the "right to disconnect", comes into force on 1 January.

right to disconnect - 斷線的權利

France has a working week of 35 hours, in place since 2000.

working week of 35 hours - 每週35工作小時

Supporters of the new law say that employees who are expected to check and reply to their work emails out of hours are not being paid fairly for their overtime, and that the practice carries a risk of stress, burnout, sleep problems and relationship difficulties.

are not being paid fairly for their overtime - 並沒有給付公平的加班費

Some private companies have previously tried to put limits on their employees' use of work email outside working hours.

For instance, in 2014, the German vehicle-maker Daimler set up an optional service for workers going on holiday; instead of sending an out-of-office reply, they could opt to have all new emails automatically deleted while they were away.

Daimler - 德國賓士

all new emails automatically deleted - 所有新的郵件自動刪除

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