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Taipei Banter 台北嘿掰講 #4

Episode 4

第四集: Museum of broken relationships

· 台北嘿掰講 Taipei Banter

After a relationship ends, even the most mundane objects can become painful reminders. One museum in Los Angeles puts them on display.

At the Museum of Broken Relationships in Hollywood, everyday stuff is exhibited as art along with each object's story of betrayal or loss. The result is a moving collection of heartbreak.

One woman from San Francisco crammed her wedding dress into a pickle jar after her husband of five years left her. Even though her dress was "non-traditional" - meaning the kind you could wear again - she never did.

One of the more unusual exhibits is a pair of sizeable silicone breast implants a woman says she felt pressured to get by an ex-boyfriend. Her body rejected the implants and she had to have multiple surgeries to remove them and reconstruct her body.

"She held on to them to remind herself don't change for someone else. You have to love yourself to be loved and be in a productive relationship," Ms Hyde says, adding that the woman hoped her donation would inspire others to have healthier relationships.

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