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Taipei Michelin Guide unveiled: Le Palais receives three-star rating

台北米其林指南出爐 君品頤宮摘三星

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The first Michelin Guide for Taipei was unveiled on Mar. 14, with a total of 20 restaurants being awarded a star rating. The Chinese restaurant Le Palais was the only one to receive a three-star rating, with two restaurants — Japanese contemporary restaurant RyuGin and Chinese restaurant The Guest House — being given two stars each, while another 17 restaurants were accorded a one-star rating.


The Michelin Guide is known as the “gourmet Bible.” The first edition was published in 1900, making it the world’s oldest tourist and restaurant guide. The star rating system, still used today, was introduced in 1936. The ranking is divided into three star ratings, with one star meaning the restaurant is an outstanding restaurant in its category, two stars denoting that the restaurant provides excellent cooking worth a detour, and three stars meaning it offers exceptional cuisine worth a special journey.

「米其林指南」被餐飲界譽為美食聖經。世界第一本米其林指南出版於一九○○年,是全球發行歷史最久的觀光旅遊與美食餐飲評鑑指南。於一九三六年起訂定星級評等制度,並使用至今,其評鑑制度分為三個星等,一星代表「同類別中出眾的餐廳」,二星為「廚藝高明、值得繞道前往 」,三星則為最高星級,代表「餐廳供應出類拔萃的料理、值得專程造訪」。

In 2007 the guide started extending its gaze into Asia, publishing editions for Japan, Hong Kong and Macao, Singapore, Seoul, Shanghai and Bangkok. Taiwan is now the 31st country or area to have a Michelin Guide published.


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