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Taipei MRT food restriction markings to change by January

北捷車站禁食線 一月底前調整

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

As of last month, Taipei Rapid Transit Corp has started relocating the eating restriction demarcations in 32 of its MRT stations. After the work is completed, expected this coming January, members of the public walking through the no-ticket areas of the stations will be allowed to consume food and drink.


The areas of the Taipei MRT passengers enter after swiping their cards at the gates are counted as ticket areas; areas passengers are not required to swipe their cards to enter are the no-ticket areas. After the restriction markings are changed in the designated stations, the rules for the no-ticket access areas will be more consistent than at present.


The standards for the eating restriction lines currently differ station to station. There are exits along the no-ticket thoroughfare in Zhongxiao-Fuxing Station, for example, so there are no lines demarcating this area, but in Taipei City Hall Station there are no exits along the no-ticket area thoroughfare, so the whole demarcated area is a no-food zone.


With Taipei City Hall Station, then, it is possible for members of the public or passengers to unwittingly walk into the no-ticket area and still violate the regulations.

According to the Mass Rapid Transit Act, passengers who choose to ignore an initial caution from a member of staff and continue to consume food and drink within the restricted zones can be punished with a fine of between NT$1,500 and NT$7,500 for violations of the act.



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