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Taiwan increasingly popular among Japanese and South Korean students

哈台風「催生」 日韓留學生穩定攀升

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Recent years have seen a marked increase in the number of Japanese and South Korean students studying in Taiwan. According to statistics provided by the Ministry of Education, there were 7,548 Japanese students – including degree students, exchange students and other short-term non-degree students – and 4,624 South Korean Students in Taiwan last year. Compared to 2015’s figures, the number of Japanese students increased by 19 percent, while the number of South Korean students grew by 21 percent.


The Ministry of Education attributed the increase in Japanese students in Taiwan to the long-standing friendly ties between the two nations and the recent trend for middle and high schools in Japan to organize overseas field trips. On the other hand, academic exchanges between South Korea and Taiwan have gained impetus since former South Korean president Park Geun-hye received an honorary doctorate from Chinese Culture University having previously studied there. In addition to that, mounting political tension between China and South Korea has made many South Korean students choose Taiwan over China.


Several years ago, Taiwan established education centers in Japan and South Korea to promote and market its Chinese-learning and higher education programs. Tamkang University is responsible for student markets in Japan, while Chinese Culture University is responsible for South Korean markets. There are also scholarships available for exchange students from Japan and South Korea.


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