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Taiwan’s first dog-friendly buses


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In order to encourage members of the public to visit the Huashan Dog Park and the Ingfeng Dog Park, the Taipei City Public Transportation Office and the Taipei City Animal Protection Office have launched trial dog-friendly bus services on two bus routes, the 604 and 0 East, which allow passengers to bring their dogs with them without having to put them in cages.


In the past, members of the public had to either drive or take a taxi to the parks, but for those who ride a motorbike, carrying the dog in a cage can be very dangerous. With the dog-friendly buses now available, people can travel to the parks by bus.


The two-month-long trial program began on Jan. 1 and will run through Feb. 28. Each park is served by three buses per day on the weekends and public holidays. Passengers going to Huashan Dog Park can take the 604 and get off at Tayou Evacuation Gate, while those going to Ingfeng Dog Park can take the 0 East and get off at Xinyi Village.


The Taipei City Public Transportation Office says that, to prevent dogs from urinating and defecating on the bus, all dogs have to wear belly wraps or dog diapers. While there is no extra charge for dogs on the bus, each person is limited to bringing only one dog with them.


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