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Taiwan to expand ban on free plastic bags

明年擴大限塑 手搖杯塑膠袋要收錢

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

Last Thursday, the Executive Yuan gave a green light to expanding the ban on free plastic bags, as of next year. To further reduce the use of plastic bags, starting Jan. 1, the ban will prevent another 80,000 more stores from offering free plastic shopping bags to customers. This increases the categories of stores involved from seven to 14, the new categories being pharmacies, medical appliances stores, 3C retailers, book/stationery stores, laundries, beverage stores, and bakeries. The aim is to further reduce plastic bag use by 1.5 billion per year.


The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) implemented the policy of reducing plastic bag use in 2002 and, since then, certain establishments such as government agencies, private schools, department stores, shopping malls, hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores and fast-food restaurant chains have been prohibited from providing customers with free plastic shopping bags.

環保署九十一年起推動購物用塑膠袋減量工作,已規定公部門、私立學校、百貨公司、量販店、超級市場、便利商店 、連鎖速食店不得免費提供購物用塑膠袋。

Also, with effect from Jan. 1, the EPA will ban the manufacture and importation of personal hygiene products containing microbeads, such as cleansing lotions and shower gels, to reduce the amount of harm to the oceans caused by these plastic particles. Their sale will be prohibited in Taiwan from July 1 that year.


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