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Taiwan wins big at Paris invention fair

巴黎發明展 台拿十一金

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Taiwan took 74 medals, including 11 gold, 23 silver and 40 bronze, at the Concours Lepine International that closed on May 6 in Paris. The Concours Lepine International Paris, which has been held since 1901, is one of the world’s most prestigious invention fairs.


Among the country’s medalists were two who were participating for the first time and who also received special mentions from the French organizers. They were Chang Chun-hsiang and Kuo Yu-hsin, both 14-year-old students from Kuai Ji Junior High School in Taoyuan, and were awarded medals for their devices.


Chang’s gold winning device, the “anti-doze alarm detector,” is worn around the user’s neck and makes a warning signal or vibration to keep students or drivers alert when it senses a downward tilt in head movement. According to Chang, the idea was conceived after seeing so many traffic-related accidents in the news due to drunk driving or drivers dozing off behind the wheel.


Kuo’s device of an anti-flood alarm detector, for which he won a bronze medal, can be placed anywhere indoors where flooding could potentially take place, and will emit an alarm when the water gets to a certain level. Kuo said his family’s washing machine is on the top floor, and he came up with the idea when the pipe split, causing the apartment to flood.


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