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Taiwanese fashion designer “reclaims” Taiwan with novel recycled bags

廢布再利用 龍舟旗變台灣國背包

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

Lin Chun-yu, a fashion designer from Changhua County, has found a way to combine her principal that “Taiwan is a country” with her design skills by producing “Republic of Taiwan” drawstring backpacks using reclaimed flags from the Taiwan International Dragon Boat Championships.


The young fashion designer from Lugang Township, a graduate of Shih Chien University’s Department of Fashion Design, used to work at a clothing company but a few years ago returned to her hometown to concentrate on designing tailor-made white blouses. Last year, with help from visual art studio The Kids From Lukang, Lin set in motion a “surplus material project” to reclaim leftover material or clothes that can no longer be worn and refashion them into new products. The “Republic of Taiwan” backpacks are this year’s summer project.


Lin says that after designing posters and flags for the Taiwan International Dragon Boat Championships, she thought it was a pity that the flags are only on display during the event and conceived the idea of retrieving the flags and transforming them into something new. After obtaining permission from the event’s organizers and recovering the flags, Lin turned them into recycled drawstring backpacks.


Lin produces two models of bag from the reclaimed flags: the “Republic of Taiwan” backpack and a “dragon boat race” backpack. Lin says she believes that her identification of Taiwan as a country will win the support of likeminded members of the public.


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