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Taiwanese Gundam fan Gunpla Builders World Cup 2016 champion

國二生熱愛鋼彈 首度赴日參賽奪下世界冠軍

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

Model fan second-year junior high school student Chiu Hsien-chun spent two months making his Gundam model “Over War,” which he entered into the Gunpla00 Builders World Cup 2016 (2016GBWC) final in Japan at the end of last year. Chiu distinguished himself from among contestants from 13 countries, winning first prize in the junior category.

熱愛模型的國中二年級學生邱顯鈞,耗時兩個月打造鋼彈模型作品「OVER WAR」,去年底首次赴日參加「二○一六年GBWC鋼彈模型製作家全球盃」總決賽。自全球十三國參賽選手中脫穎而出,拿下青少年組全球冠軍。

In order to give a sense of the desolation of having gone through a war, Chiu used paint and a piece of rotten wood to give the model an aged feel, and the judges rated his technique as being mature beyond his years, compared to the contestants from other countries. His model successfully beat over 1,000 other entries, crowning him world champion.


Chiu’s modeling instructor Lin Tse-chiao said that building models is extremely complex, and requires a lot of thought and skill. Even though models are already painted, but Chiu added paint to change the feel of the piece, to give it a stronger sense of realism, to make it comply more completely with his original concept.


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