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The importance of annual rabies vaccinations

每年施打狂犬病疫苗 保護家中毛小孩

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

The Taipei City Animal Protection Office said on Tuesday that there have been recent cases in hilly areas of rabies, which can be contracted by both animals and humans. The office recommends that pet owners take their animals for a rabies vaccination every year, to protect the health of their pets.


In recent years there have been cases of rabies-infected ferret badgers in mountainous areas entering households and biting members of the public, especially in areas of high population density and high pet ownership, such as metropolitan Taipei and the surrounding hills. Pet owners in these areas should be even more vigilant about their pets’ health.


In order to avoid pets from coming into contact with infected wild animals and contracting disease, the office last year sent out notices about injections to prevent the contraction of rabies to each administrative area around the city to remind the public to take their pets in for rabies injections every year. In high risk areas such as Wenshan District and Beitou District, which border hilly areas around the city, the office has also organized a mobile rabies vaccine service. According to figures, 1,186 pet dogs and cats have benefitted from this service in these areas thus far.


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