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Travels in Kaohsiung’s Meinong District


Jhongjheng (Meinong) Lake

When traveling to Kaohsiung’s Meinong District, many visitors chose to take a stroll beside Jhongjheng Lake. The lake is second only to Chengcing Lake as Kaohsiung’s second largest man-made lake. A path surrounds the edge of the lake with lookout points and seating to take in the views. During the cooler autumn months visitors to the lake can take a stroll under the warm sun’s rays and appreciate the lake’s beauty from different perspectives, especially at dawn, set off by the mountain range in the distance. On some days the sky is clear and bright; on other days, shrouded in mist, the lake is particularly picturesque.

East Gate

The East Gate is one of Meinong District’s landmark destinations. Constructed in 1755, the city gate is 257 years old. Originally built as a defense against foreign invaders, the gate is also described as a “fengshui gate” for the local area and is said to be the reason why the area has produced so many scholars. Visitors to the East Gate are able to climb up a steep flight of stairs to the second floor. The commanding position affords splendid views of Yongan Old Street and the surrounding landscape and allows visitors to get a feel for the age of the structure.

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