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"Ugly" street scene magazine cover causes uproar

台灣街景封面產生器 BRUTUS老總很開心

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English,國際時事跟讀Daily Shadowing

A recent Taiwan-themed special edition of Japanese magazine BRUTUS has sparked a heated debate among netizens in Taiwan, and even spawned a “Taiwan street scene cover maker” for creating thousands of alternative magazine covers.


BRUTUS magazine’s special Taiwan edition contains a street scene on its cover, taken on Tainan’s Guohua Street, which includes pedestrians, parked scooters lining either side of the street and snack food vendor shop hoardings. Some netizens said that the scene is actually quite unattractive and others supported this view, saying the cover simply depicts a typical scene from everyday life in Taiwan. An online debate quickly erupted.


The “Taiwan street scene cover maker” was conceived to allow people to upload their own alternative street scene covers onto the Internet.


Japan’s Asahi Shimbun newspaper has even reported on the passionate debate the magazine’s cover photo has triggered in Taiwan and interviewed the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Zenta Nishida.


Nishida was quoted as saying, “It is absolutely unheard-of in publishing for a single special edition of a magazine to produce so many variations of covers. I’m delighted.”


The article went on to say that many Taiwanese used lively night market scenes, photos of Taiwanese cuisine such as hsiaolungbao buns and scenic landscapes, adding the caption “Taiwan’s most beautiful scenery” to the cover before posting on social media sites.


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