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Universiade Taipei 2017 promotes theme song: Embrace the World


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

Universiade Taipei 2017 is set to begin on Aug. 19. The newly-released theme song, Embrace the World, can be heard at MRT stations and other public places around the city. The song can also be downloaded from music platform KKBOX.


Taipei City Government held an open audition for the theme song in July last year. Embrace the World eventually emerged victorious from the 264 entries. It was written by singer Kris Wu, who performs it with his band I-WANT.


Internationally-renowned techno producer Howie B and Taiwanese producer Ada Su were invited to contribute to the musical arrangement of this transnational collaboration. They kept the lively tempo of Taiwan’s traditional Aboriginal music, adding Rumba, Latino and techno elements. Meanwhile, as the games are 49 days away, the organizer is calling on the whole public to purchase tickets for the event scheduled between Aug. 19 and 30, and to cheer on the Taiwanese athletes.

編曲則邀請國際知名電音製作人Howie B,和台灣製作人蘇通達跨國合作,保留傳統原住民音樂輕快節奏,並加入了倫巴、拉丁、電音等元素。世大運今天進入倒數四十九天,主辦單位也呼籲大家在八月十九日至三十日購票進場,替台灣選手們加油打氣。

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