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Venice to fine tourists up to €450 for bad behavior


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

€100 for littering. €100 for indulging in any kind of horseplay that could be considered annoying. €400 for damaging, writing or sticking anything on buildings, benches, trees and pavements. €200 for wandering around in your bathers or going shirtless.


Those are the fines Mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro has announced to back up its carrot-and-stick behavioral campaign, #enjoyrespectVenezia, as a stern warning to visitors.


The city already had fines in place for bad behavior, but they were much lower, with the average around €50. Now, €450 is the upper limit, and is reserved for people caught swimming in the canals and the waters around Piazza San Marco.


But it’s not all negative. It is also providing ideas on how to be a more responsible tourist, and creating maps highlighting public toilets and picnic areas.


Venice is struggling to cope with unprecedented numbers of visitors and widespread poor behavior. Local tempers are boiling over this summer and even described August as “war” in the city.


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