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精選詞彙 Vocab #009: Cables and electricity poles in cities

· 精選詞彙單元 Vocab,每日跟讀單元 Daily English


This article discusses the phenomenon of public wiring on utility poles and hanging off buildings across the world and how in some countries it is very dangerous and very unorganized, creating hairballs of wires.

Vocabulary and sample sentences:

Hairball- a collection of hair or fur formed in the stomach of animals and even sometimes in humans,

  1. Do cats commonly get hairballs?
    • Yes, cats do commonly get hairballs.
  2. Are hairballs disgusting? 
    • Yes, hairballs are disgusting.

Insouciant - not being worried about anything

  1. Are you an insouciant person?
    • No, I am not an insouciant person.
  2. Do cats exude an air of insouciance? 
    • Yes, cats do exude an air of insouciance.

Hapless - unlucky or unfortunate

  1. Was Peter the hapless victim of fate?
    • Yes, Peter was the hapless victim of fate.
  2. Is not winning the lottery the hapless fate of most people? 
    • Yes, not winning the lottery is the hapless fate of most people.

Gordian knot(tangle)- a very difficult or impossible task or problem

From the legend in which King Gordius tied a very complicated knot and said that whoever undid it would become the ruler of Asia. Alexander the Great cut through the knot with his sword.

  1. Is balancing work and life a Gordian knot?
    • Yes, balancing work and life is like a Gordian knot.
  2. Is life filled with Gordian knots? 
    • Life is filled with baby Gordian knots.
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