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精選詞彙 Vocab #010: Cable cars in the city

· 15Mins英語咖啡館


In Mexico City where 21 odd million people commute to and from work everyday, the solution to overcoming traffic jams and inefficient bus systems is the cable car system. The mexicable is a seven-stop line that was built in the most crowded municipality of Ecatepec. Now commuters use the mexicable system to transfer or commute directly to work, saving people up to two hours every day! Other intercity cable car system around the world include the Medellin in Columbia, Caracas of Venezuela, La Paz of Bolivia, and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Vocabulary and sample sentences:

Congestion – being congested (meaning crowded and being unable to move)

  • Traffic congestion in Mexico City has been a problem for many year until they built the Mexcable.
  • My nose is blocked, so I need to use nasal spray to relieve my nasal congestion.

Commute – travel regularly between home and work

Commuter (person who travel daily to and from work)

  • I commute 1 and a half hours to work everyday.
  • As a commuter, I prefer to take the mrt over the bus.

Cramped – feeling uncomfortably confined (difficult to move)

  • When I take the mrt, I prefer to wait for a train that has more space to stand. I dislike being cramped on the train.