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精選詞彙 Vocab #024: 愛水獺不見得要擁有他 Kill the otters by keeping them as pets

· 精選詞彙單元 Vocab


The popularity of otters as pets in Asians could spell their doom as they are poached from nature and face extinction.

Vocabulary and Sample Sentences:

Tattered adj. : old / torn

  1. Do we throw away tattered clothes?
  2. Do cats lead to tattered furniture?

Bolted v. : suddenly run away

  1. Do horses bolt when they encounter snakes?
  2. Will a cat bolt if you spray it with water?

Poacher n. : person who illegally hunts animals

  1. Are poachers driving rhinos to extinction?
  2. Are there poachers in Taiwan?
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