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精選詞彙 Vocab #025: Pigs are now big part of efforts to cut food waste

· 15Mins英語咖啡館


In the city of Las Vegas, the abundant hotels and restaurants generate a large amount of leftover food and food scraps. Considering the environmental effects of disposing food waste, Las Vegas city has found innovative ways to deal with food scraps by sending them to pig farms, offer unserved banquet foods to food banks, and oyster shells to fill the sea.

Vocabulary and Sample Sentences:

Leftover/s n. food remaining after being consumed.

Leftover adj. surplus, extra

  • Leftovers from the top Michelin restaurants are being sent to pig farms as animal feed.
  • Would you like to take some of the leftover finger food from the conference?

Compost n. decayed material as plant fertilizer

  • There are many YouTube videos teaching people how to be environmentally friendly by making compost from food waste.
  • You have to dry your grass clippings before you can make compost with it.

Landfill n. a place to dispose waste by burying it or covering it with soil.

  • If you don’t put your garbage out on time, you would have to take it to the landfill by yourself.
  • It is not safe to build houses on land that used to be a landfill.