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精選詞彙 Vocab #031: Runner creates artwork with Strava running app


· 精選詞彙單元 Vocab


Lenny Maugham, a avid runner in San Francisco decided to turn his running routes into artwork. Instead of running scenic routes of San Francisco, he would plan his route like a Batman logo, shape of a heart, and starship enterprise. So far he has made a total of 53 works, making him a running artist. His Frida Kahoolawe artwork is a 46.5km run that took him 6 hours and 8 minutes to complete.

Vocabulary and Sample Sentences:

Scenic adj – dealing to view of beautiful natural scenery

  • Lenny got tired of just running around the scenic spots of San Francisco.
  • People go up to the Taipei 101 tower to enjoy the scenic view of the city.

Route n. – way or course taken from a starting point to a destination.

  • Peter’s newspaper route included Zhongxiao E. Road and Xinyi road.
  • By not taking the expressway to Yilan, we are actually taking the long route.

Track n. / v. – a path or road / follow the trail or movement of someone or something.

  • Michael Schumacher raced down the track at 300km/h.
  • I can use my laptop to track my phone.
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