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精選詞彙播客 Vocab Ep.110: 遠距工作讓你想太多 Remote work is making you more paranoid about office relationships

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Many whoare now WFH, are facing new challenges. Apart from the transition into beingable to work anywhere, office dynamics and emotions are the new issues bugging people. Interacting with your colleagues over video conferencing is not the same as interacting with them face to face. According to Stanford Professor, remote work can contribute to “feeling out of the loop, because you’re missing the kinds of ad hocconversations that tend to reassure us we’re in good standing.    

Vocabulary and Sample Sentences:   

Anxiety n. (Anxiousadj.) – feeling of worry, nervousness or unease 

- People are facing new anxieties during work from home. 

- When you see your messages and emails read but without a reply, you become anxious.   

Out of theloop / Keep in the loop id. – not part of the group that knows or makes thedecisions. 

- I was out of the loop halfway into the project. 

- Jack kept me in the loop about his wedding plans.   

Lose out ph.v. – not having advantage that others have 

- If our videos are not in good quality, we might lose out to other youtubers. 

- We would lose out if we don’t get our products into the major e-commerce sites. 



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